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“Having worked at Roche for 21 years, I appreciate the freedom and flexibility the company gives me to carry out my work and reach my goals while developing my full potential and achieving a good work-life balance”.

Vital Boulé, Biologist, M.Sc. PMP

“I have the flexibility to organize my time, which lets me easily balance my personal and professional life. Roche is prepared to meet the challenges of today and provides a wonderful work environment.”

Catherine Paradis
Project Manager Marketing and Communication

“Roche is a team, a collegiality and an environment that gives the work a pleasant aspect, an atmosphere that is sometimes lacking in the day-to-day of our industry.”

Félix Marré, Eng., M.Sc.
Project Manager, Transportation

“Each day I come in to work at Roche gives me the opportunity to meet challenges that deepen my knowledge of mining engineering. Participating in various projects through the use of specialized software is helping me become a versatile estimator with diverse skills. Consulting engineering is starting my career off on the right track!”

Jonathan Szirti
Mining Engineering Trainee

“Roche offers a very stimulating and dynamic work environment, helping shape a career in line with each person’s goals and expectations.”

Simon Davidson
Transportation Engineer

“Roche has strong team spirit, both within a given team as well as between the company’s various teams… That’s very motivating!”

Joëlle Rompré
Urban Planner/Transportation Analyst

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