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The Roche Group


Roche, over the years...

  • In 1963, Charles E. Rochette et associés, ingénieurs-conseils is founded in La Malbaie.
  • The company then becomes Picard, Rochette et associés, specializing in civil engineering. To meet growing demand for municipal infrastructure and facilitate its expansion, the company moves to Quebec City.
  • In 1965, new associates join the firm to form Rochette, Lajoie, Grondin, Normand, Rochefort et associés.
  • That same decade, Rochette, Rochefort et Pineau limitée, a new player in Quebec's engineering market, is formed to promote urban development growth.
  • An extended period of growth begins in the late 1960s.
  • In 1967, Roche opens its first regional office in Thetford Mines to bring its mining development expertise to the area.
  • From 1963 to 1971, three new divisions are established: urban planning, transportation and environment.
  • In 1977, the company obtains its first contract abroad.
  • During that same period, Roche becomes Roche associés ltée Groupe conseil and Groupe-conseil Roche ltée.
  • The 1980s are a time of expansion. Roche acquires subsidiaries, creates new divisions and opens new offices.
  • In 1984, the company becomes Roche Ltd, Consulting Group.
  • In 1991, Roche builds a head office at 3075 Chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois in Sainte-Foy.
  • The firm’s lightning growth continues with the opening of several offices.
  • In 1996, Roche sets up a quality management system in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard.
  • In 1999, Roche signs an agreement with the US firm, The IT Group.


More developments…

  • On November 15, 2000, Charles-E.-Rochette, the company’s founder, passes away.
  • In 2002, Roche Ltd, Consulting Group becomes a member of the US firm,
    The Shaw Group.
  • June 2005, Roche becomes a Quebec company once again.


Roche doubled its workforce and sales between 2005 and 2012

  • In 2007, Roche Ltd, Consulting Group acquires Cadec and Toptech. 
  • In February 2008, Roche announced the acquisition of Les Consultants FBG inc. and its subsidiary, Ombrages, as well as IMS Experts-Conseils (including PSA) and Sopax-H.M Groupe Conseil ltée.
  • In 2010, Roche welcomes the Noram Experts-conseil inc. team.
  • In May 2011, Roche acquires additional shares in A2EP, becoming its primary shareholder. 
  • In May 2011, the firm announces its acquisition of Géomog.
  • In June 2011, Roche announces significant equity participation in Hydrosys. 
  • In June 2011, Roche continues its expanding by creating a U.S. division, in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
  • In 2011, Roche increases its international presence in Algeria and Northern Africa.
  • In January 2012, Roche acquires a majority stake in Seamar Engineering.


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