Urban Infrastructure

The quality of municipal infrastructure represents one of the major issues facing municipal administrations. Roche’s multidisciplinary expertise allows us to deliver innovation in the environment, road traffic and engineering, drinking water and waste water treatment systems, environmental preservation and resource allocation, along with a comprehensive range of services and expertise tailored to our clients’ various needs. With our engineers, urban planners, economists and financial specialists, Roche develops integrated and sustainable infrastructure solutions.

“Roche is your partner of choice for
growing healthy communities.”'


Yves Painchaud, Vice President Urban Infrastructure



  • Cable burial for public utilities (Hydro-Québec)
  • Waste snow management
  • Urban hydraulics and hydrology (urban drainage, dams, shore protection, control and retention structures, etc)
  • Sewer and water supply networks (distribution, collection, interception and rehabilitation)
  • Drinking water treatment (ground and surface waters)
  • Waste water treatment (biological and physical-chemical processes)
  • Urban road systems



  • Master plants (water systems, sewers and urban drainage)
  • Treatability studies and pilot testing
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Response plans
  • Hydraulic balancing
  • Water consumption studies
  • Hydraulic and hydrogeological modelling
  • Dam safety studies
  • Topographical surveying
  • Project grant program applications and presentations
  • Municipal engineering plans and specifications
  • Applications for government authorization certificates (MDDEFP, CPTAQ, MAMROT, etc.)
  • Tendering and bid analysis management
  • Preparation of tender contracts (geotechnical investigations and quality control)
  • Office and site supervision
  • Cost control
  • Subsidized project management and monitoring for organizations or government departments
  • Commissioning of treatment infrastructure
  • Operator training 




Commissioning of the potable water production system

Location: Municipalities of Saint-Bruno, Larouche and Héberville-Station

Roche was hired by three municipalities to build a 7 400 m3/d potable water well, approximately 20 km of transmission main (300 to 400 mm), 1 main chlorination station, 2 secondary chlorination stations and flow measurement and pressure control chambers. The project also involved building a 3 200 m3 epoxy steel reservoir and the demolition of various outdated pieces of equipment. The potable water supply is now provided by a pumping system in the wells that directs the water to a reservoir shared by the three municipalities. From the reservoir, the water is supplied to all of the partners via gravity feed.


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