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Working all out at the new Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM)


LEED-certified Chauveau soccer complex, an innovation in Quebec!

Lighting Design

Illuminating through art and technology


Developing our energy resources!

Real Estate Appraisal
& Assessment

60 years of success for Évimbec Ltée!


48 km of road leading to the Romaine hydroelectric project


Specialists in industrial engineering


New water supply system for Thetford Mines


Modernizing and expanding the Bamako-Sénou International Airport in Mali

Mining and Mineral

Expertise that extends well beyond Canadian borders


Charting the course for tomorrow’s transportation systems

Urban Planning and
Landscape Architecture

Urbanex specialists offer a wealth of experience, creativity and innovation


Roche Consulting Engineers

A company of consulting engineers specialized in engineering-construction

Roche Ltd, Consulting Group is one of the largest construction engineering firms in Canada.


Engineering experts working in Canada and abroad

Roche has for 50 years covered the full range of engineering disciplines and now has 28 centres of excellence in place integrating Roche’s expertise in each of our markets and promoting the diversity of our teams.



Recent Achievement

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Taparko gold project in Burkina Faso

International engineers in building engineering

Roche was contracted to identify and evaluate the environmental impacts of the Taparko/Bouroum gold project. The objective of the environmental study was to describe the biophysical and human environment in the study area, identify the main project-related environmental and social issues, assess project impacts, develop mitigation and compensation measures, and assess the costs associated with such measures. A characterization study of water and sediment quality in the Yalogo reservoir, village water wells, and soils in agricultural and grazing land was also undertaken. The study was also designed to identify and assess the feasibility of various water supply options for the project.


Location: Burkina Faso, Africa

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